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"If the only tool you have is a hammer,

you will see every problem as a nail."

                                                                                                                           Abraham Maslow

Get more tools!

Jack Rise

is the author and presenter of the

series of DVDs from ACCA including:

Understanding Manual J 8th Edition

Residential Heat loss and Heat Gain Load Calculations

Understanding Manual D 3rd Edition

Residential Duct System Design

Understanding Manual N 5th Edition

Commercial and Heat Gain Load Calculation

Understanding Manual Q

Commercial Duct System Design

Understanding Electricity

Basic Electricity for the HVAC Industry

Understanding Section 608


Understanding ACCA Standard 5

Quality Installation Specification 2010

Understanding HVAC

What non-technical employees need to know about HVAC

Understanding Manual S 2nd Edition

Residential Equipment Selection

Click on the DVDs below to get linked to ACCA's on-line bookstore

             New from ACCA

Now in print!

Companion Guides for

Manual J and Manual D

Understanding Basic Electricity for the HVAC Contractor

Also available from ACCA

Training DVDs for preparation to sit for the NATE exams

For the service technician:

Mastering Core Service

Mastering Heat Pump Service

Mastering Gas Furnaces Service

Mastering Air Conditioning Service

Mastering Hydronics Gas Service

Mastering Air Distribution Service

For the installation technician:

Mastering Core Installation

Mastering Air Conditioning Installation

Mastering Gas Furnaces Installation

Click on the DVDs below to get linked to ACCA's on-line bookstore

Use these DVDs in the privacy of your own home or office when you have the time.

Industry Education Links:

Refrigeration Service Engineers Society

Air Conditioning Contractors of America

North American Technician Excellence

Hydronic Heating Help

ACCA Florida Chapter

Eastern Heating & Cooling