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Course Offerings

Preparation for NATE exams in Gas Heating, Air Conditioning, Heat Pump and Air Flow for service technicians and installers. 12 Hours of instruction for each area. Typically done over 4 three hour meetings with the test given at the fifth meeting.

EPA/CFC Section 608 Technician Certification for refrigerant handling. 6 Hours of instruction plus exam time over one and one half days.

ACCA Manual J 8th Edition (and J8AE, Abridged Edition) Residential Load Calculations. One full day program. I am an ACCA/EPIC Certified 8th Edition Instructor.

ACCA Manual D 3rd Edition Residential Duct System Design One full day program. I am an ACCA/EPIC Certified 3rd Edition Instructor.

ACCA Manual N 5th Edition (and Manual N5AE, Abridged Edition) Commercial Load Calculations. One full day program. I am an ACCA/EPIC Certified 5th Edition Instructor.

ACCA Manual Q Commercial Low Pressure, Low Velocity Duct System Design. One full day program. I am an ACCA/EPIC Certified Manual Q Instructor.

ANSI/ACCA Standard 5 HVAC Quality Installation Standard. One full day program.

ACCA Manual S 2nd Edition Residential Equipment Selection. One full day program.

Wrightsoft software computer based load calculations and duct design for both residential and commercial applications. One full day program each.

Fee Schedule

Per full day (6 hours) multiple days                                  $1000

ACCA Manuals (per full day) multiple days                     $1200

Per single event (workshop, seminar, etc.)                      $1000 

Plus all expenses: First class air fare, car rental or personal auto at $0.55 per mile, lodging, meals, reproduction of handouts, ACCA manuals and duct calculators as required, cost of exams, mailings, etc.

The content of all subject matter can be expanded or contracted as required to suit the needs of the participants. The product that is sold here is information, not blocks of time. Time is used only as a reference for scheduling. Some groups will move at a much faster pace than others.